Partnering for Success: Your Guide to Creating a Successful AMA Motorcycle Club

Since 1924, the American Motorcyclist Association logo has symbolized organized motorcycling activity throughout the United States, and the AMA has relied on partner organizations to help advance the Association’s mission to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling.

For many years, motorcycling was stereotyped as an outlaw activity. But times have changed. As the wheels of progress turned and social norms relaxed, motorcycling has grown in stature, not only as a legitimate form of recreation and competition but also as an economical and reliable form of transportation.

As a well-organized motorcycling organization, the AMA presents a favorable image to motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists alike, and it assists in promoting the motorcycle lifestyle and protecting the rights of riders. As a member of our organization, you have the ability to become a tool that keeps the wheels of positive change turning in your community.

Motorcyclists represent many different lifestyles, and while it is unfair to judge people by how they appear, many still do. So, a responsible motorcycle organization must place the utmost importance on a code of ethics and a functional constitution. Adhering to these principles, and being involved in your community, are the best ways to allow the public to see you as you really are.

The Foundations of a Motorcycle Organization

Learn about the structure and purpose of motorcycle organizations and how to make motorcycling valuable for the community at large.

Mission and Purpose Statement

Get details about creating a mission statement and/or purpose statement.

Club Constitution

Learn how to draft the rules and regulations for your club.

Club By-Laws

Determine and document the rules of operation for your club.

Some Legal Considerations for Clubs

Consider incorporation, protecting your club’s name and money matters.

Organization and Community

Learn how to be involved and highly-regarded in your community.

Fulfilling the AMA Mission

As an AMA club, embody the AMA mission.

AMA Charter Requirements

Figure out which charter makes sense for establishing your relationship as an AMA organization.

Events and Community

Learn how to work with your community when hosting events.

Disciplinary Measures

Avoid having your charter put on probation or suspended by ensuring your organization stays in good standing