This road-riding event is based on participants maintaining a specified time schedule, where speed is not a determining factor. It’s a ride that requires strategy.

A series of checkpoints is used to collect participants’ times along the route. Riders are scored on a points-lost basis, with the best score a 0.

There are different kinds of checkpoints, where the minute of arrival will be recorded for the participant by a representative of the AMA-chartered organizer operating the event. A Known Control is a checkpoint whose location is known to all participants. A Secret Check is an unknown timed checkpoint. An Emergency Check is the same as a secret check, except that seconds are also recorded and used for breaking ties. Observed Check is an unknown checkpoint where no penalty for time shall be recorded.

A route card will provide the key time for the start and for all known controls, as well as the exact mileage and schedule in miles per hour between the controls. The route card also will list the exact mileage between turns and the direction of each turn. It should indicate by mileage an official gas stop, as well as “gasoline available” locations.

At the starting time, which is one minute after the printed key time, the starter will send off one rider every minute. If there are more than 100 participants, more than one rider may be started every minute. Teams, if they are recognized by the promoter, are made up of three participants (excluding passengers.)

Checkpoints cannot be more than 40 miles apart. Secret checks must not be less than 5 miles from any known or secret control or check. If the meet covers 100 miles or less, the minimum distance from other checks will be 3 miles.

Participants are penalized one point for every minute they are late arriving at a known control. A participant leaving a known control before the scheduled departure time will be penalized 2 points for each minute the rider is ahead of schedule. There is no penalty for arriving early at a known control, unless the participant is more than 15 minutes early. At emergency checks, participants are penalized 1 point for each second they arrive early or late. At secret checks, participants are penalized 2 points per minute for arriving early and 1 point per minute for arriving late. No penalties are assessed at observation checks.

Any participant who leaves the marked course may continue in the meet only by returning at the point where the rider left the course.

The course must be laid out and the time schedule established in compliance with all local and state laws, including speed limits.

Road enduros cannot encompass more than 12 hours of continuous riding, with a minimum of two scheduled stops of at least 30 minutes each. Each 12-hour riding session shall be followed by a mandatory eight-hour scheduled rest stop. A 24-hour meet is considered a two-day run.

A more detailed explanation of the event is available in the AMA Recreational Riding Rulebook.

2023 AMA Recreational Riding Rulebook

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