This event is intended to introduce youth and adult participants to enduro-style riding in a less-difficult and more friendly atmosphere than found at a highly competitive event.

The course is significantly shorter than a competition enduro. The events can use the timekeeping or restart format in a closed-course (no license/plate required) format. The average speeds are less, often 12 mph to 18 mph, than a traditional enduro with a 24 mph average.

Riders start in small groups, usually four riders per minute. The minute, or row, for each rider is assigned at registration.

There is a break (reset or pause) between sections or loops.

Scoring in a traditional timekeeping event is slightly different than a restart format event.

Like a competition enduro, the checkpoints are secret.

For timekeeping, riders should seek to achieve the “speed average” to arrive at checkpoints on time. The riders accumulate 5 points for being early to a check and 1 point for every minute they are late to a check. Each section should also have an emergency (tie breaker) check where minutes and seconds are counted.

In addition to the secret and emergency checks, observation checks—part of the enduro experience—are used, but not scored.

The lowest score wins.

In restart events, riders battle the clock to achieve the shortest time throughout the ride. The rider with the overall fastest time wins.

2023 AMA Recreational Riding Rulebook

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