The International Six Days Enduro is an annual off-road FIM World Championship competition for national teams.

Each country participating in the ISDE is authorized to have four riders on its the World Trophy Team, three riders age 23 or younger on its the Junior Trophy Team, three female riders on its the Women’s World Cup Team and three riders on each of its Club division teams.

• The World Trophy champion is determined by totaling the times of each team’s three fastest riders for each of the event’s six days (including time penalties). The team with the lowest combined time is the winner.
• In the Junior World Trophy, Women’s World Cup and Club divisions, the champion is determined by totaling each three rider team’s times for each day (including time penalties). The team with the lowest combined time the class champion.

Information for Riders

Date and location: Nov. 6-11, San Juan, Argentina

AMA East ISDE 3-Day Qualifier
Feb. 25-27: Winnsboro, S.C.

  • AMA East ISDE Qualifier Standings (TBD)

AMA West ISDE 3-Day Qualifier
March 10-12: Knolls Recreation Area, Utah.

  • AMA West ISDE Qualifier Standings (TBD)

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ISDE History

The International Six Days Enduro is the world’s largest annual off-road motorcycle competition. First held in Carlisle, England, in 1913, the ISDE is one of the longest-running events on the calendar of the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme. Countries have sent their best off-road racers to locations around the world to compete on everything from sandy beaches to rocky crevices to deep woods to motocross tracks.

Originally known as the International Six Day Trial, the event was held primarily on roads in its early years—although the “roads” of the era were often as difficult as today’s trails—and were designed to test both machine reliability and rider skill. Today, the International Six Days Enduro, a name it adopted in 1980, is primarily an off-road event that traverses some of the world’s most challenging terrain.

European nations were the exclusive hosts of the event until 1973 when the event took place in the United States. The event has since been held at non-European nations several times since then, including Chile, New Zealand, Brazil, and Australia.

ISDE International Prestige

The International Six Days Enduro is the most prestigious off-road motorcycle event in the world. Each year, the AMA-supported U.S. ISDE World Trophy Team is joined by a contingent that includes America’s top junior, women, senior, and amateur off-road racers who compete for team awards and individual honors.

The rules of the ISDE have evolved considerably, but the event has always used an enduro-type format. Riders have to follow a set route at a set pace over six days. In addition, there are strict controls on when a rider may work on his or her machine and the availability of tools and spare parts. The miles ridden by competitors at the event almost always totals more than 1,000 total miles.

The United States has won the World Trophy twice . The 2016 U.S. ISDE World Trophy Team of Taylor Robert, Kailub Russell, Thad DuVall, and Layne Michael came out on top in Spain , with Robert finishing as the fastest individual rider. This was the second time in history that an American rider took top individual honors; Ryan Sipes finished first among all individual riders in 2015. Three years later, the 2019 U.S. ISDE World Trophy Team of Kailub Russell, Taylor Robert, Steward Baylor Jr. and Ryan Spies captured the nation’s second ISDE World Trophy title.

Another strong year for the U.S. ISDE World Trophy Team was 1982, when the team finished in second place. It was arguably the most difficult ISDE in the event’s nearly 100-year history. Of the 25 Americans entered, 13 finished and one of them scored a gold medal. The team finished behind only the team from Czechoslovakia, which was the host country for the event. The 1982 team included future AMA Hall of Famers Edward Lojak, Terry Cunningham and Scot Harden, as well as Mark Hyde, Mike Melton, and Wally Wilson.

The U.S. ISDE World Trophy Team also finished runner-up in 2014 with Kailub Russell, Charlie Mullins, Zach Osborne, Thad Duvall, Michael Brown and Taylor Robert on the team. The 2008 team  started the final day of that year’s competition in fourth place behind Finland, but five solid final moto special test finishes propelled the team to a podium finish.

The U.S. Women’s World Trophy Team has finished first in its class twice. The team claimed the first-ever Women’s World Trophy in 2007 and won another title in 2019.

The U.S. Junior Trophy Team claim class championships in 1991, 2006 and 2014. In 1973, the U.S. ISDE team won what was then called the Silver Vase, a secondary team competition without any age restriction. Since then, the Silver Vase has become the Junior Trophy division, designed to reward performances by younger riders. The first American victory in the junior class took place the only ISDE that’s been held in the United States, while the 1991 Junior Trophy triumph, with the team of Steve Hatch, Jimmy Lewis, Davis Rhodes, and Chris Smith, occured in Czechoslovakia. In 2006, the Junior Trophy Team included AMA Hall of Famer Kurt Caselli, Ricky Dietrich, David Pearson, and Russell Bobbitt. That event was held in New Zealand’s Kinleith Forest and featured hundreds of miles of cold, windy and rainy single- and two-track trails.