Dual sport riding provides the opportunity to experience single- or double-track trail sections connected by lesser-traveled highway sections. The event may offer one or many routes.

More difficult alternate routes are sometimes referred to as: “Hero sections” or “A loops.” These sections are typically short, challenging loops that leave the main route and return to the main route either at the same place or farther down the main route. Alternate routes are optional, and a rider may bypass them by remaining on the main route. No speed competition or timing is allowed.

Motorcycles must be licensed and insured for street riding, since sections of highway connect the participants to more trail riding. Motorcycles are typically under 600cc with DOT tires that have a high-profile knobby design.

In addition to a dual sport ride, a Dual Sport Rally may offer seminars/workshops, guest speakers, vendors and/or demo rides held over a period of two or more days or more.

If you want to check out our national-caliber dual sport events, visit www.americanmotorcyclist.com/national-dual-sport

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