March American Motorcyclist features adventure in Antarctica

AMA Member Ken Friedman’s quest to ride on all seven continents is just one of the fascinating and informative stories in the March 2020 issue of American Motorcyclist magazine.

Readers of the AMA magazine will also get AMA Charter Life Member Cathy Seckman’s take on transitioning from a two-wheeler to a trike, enjoy a preview of some of the best road rallies on the planet in 2020 and get the latest motorcycling news in various states.

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Friedman was on a mission to ride on all seven continents. He writes that his ride in Antarctica was the culmination of seven years of traveling through more than 50 countries.

His adventure involves Italy, India, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Chile, Argentina and more fascinating countries. In Australia, he rode the Great Ocean Road in the south and enjoyed the scenery in Tasmania.

Then, he gets to Antarctica.

Friedman writes that his effort to ride Antarctica took five years, but the week riding there was spectacular. The snow proved to be more challenging than the ice to ride, and the temperatures with the wind chill at times reached near 25 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

Seckman, meanwhile, tackled an adventure of her own when, not knowing what to expect, after more than 30 years of riding two-wheelers she traded her BMW motorcycle for a trike.

There are several things she likes about riding a trike, and a couple things she doesn’t.

You can read about all that and more in the March 2020 issue of American Motorcyclist magazine.